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Step 1: Enter your redemption code at Lovemydownload and click ‘Go’.

Step 2: Browse available downloads, once you have made a choice click the download button for that file.

Step 3: After you have clicked the download button, you will be asked to ‘Save’ or ‘Open’. You must click ‘Save’.

Step 4: Once the file is downloaded, locate it in your ‘Downloads’ folder.


My download did not complete, and now I am unable to download again.

Please contact us, including your redemption code in the message.


I cannot find the download on my computer.

If the file is not in your ‘Downloads’ folder, use the Windows search function or Mac’s Finder to browse your entire computer.


I have attempted to download to my phone/tablet/device but was unsuccessful.

Please contact us with your device name and the file you are trying to download.


What do I do with a .zip folder?

We use .zip folders to deliver multiple mp3 files. Extract the .zip folder to access these files.


My download won’t start.

Please ensure that you have full connection to the internet and that there is no anti-virus or internet blocker preventing the download from Lovemydownload.


How long will my download take?

This will vary depending on the size of the file being downloaded and your internet speed.



How do I play my music?

Once the .mp3 files have been extracted from the .zip folder, you can play the files in your default music player by double clicking them.


How do I transfer the music onto another device?

Devices will come with their own software and cable(s) to connect the device to your computer and assist you with the process. If you are struggling with this please contact us. An example of the transfer is using iTunes to transfer music to your iPod/iPhone/iPad.



How do I open my eBook on my computer?

For ePUB (.epub) files Adobe Digital Editions should be used.

For Kindle (.mobi) files Kindle for PC or Kindle for Mac should be used.


How do I get the eBook onto my iPad/iPhone?

Apple devices will allow direct downloading of ePUB and Kindle files providing you have the iBooks app for ePUB and Kindle app for Kindle. After you have selected either ePUB or Kindle, give the download a few minutes. When the download is complete you will be taken to a separate page asking you what app you’d like to open the eBook in. Select the appropriate app. If you have already downloaded the eBook to your computer, transfer the eBook via iTunes.


How do I get the eBook onto my Kindle device?

Unfortunately Kindle devices do not allow direct downloads. To transfer your eBook to your Kindle you must follow a short but simple process:

1.      Connect your Kindle to your computer via USB.

2.      Either click 'Open device to view folders' when prompted head to (My) Computer and select Kindle from the list of devices below.

3.      Open the 'Documents' folder inside your Kindle. For more modern Kindle devices such as the Fire, this folder will be called ‘Books’.

4.      Copy and paste or drag and drop the eBook into this folder.


How do I get the eBook onto a different eReader?

The process is very much the same, you will want to connect your device via USB and open the device to view the folders inside. Locate the folder where your current eBooks are, or where eBooks you have downloaded in the past are located. This is where you will copy and paste or drag and drop the file.